11 Cantaloupe Fruit for Health Benefits

Cantaloupe is a fruit that often arise in the month of Ramadan. In addition to refreshing, cantaloupe has a distinctive feature for the health of the body. The fruit that is similar to the melon, is a plant widely found in Southeast Asia, including in Indonesia. Cantaloupe fruit is usually consumed with how to serve mixed drinks. In fact, there is also a use in a way made like pumpkin compote. The price is cheap, but the quality of this delicious, making it much sought after people

The content in the fruit Cantaloupe

Composition benefits cantaloupe fruit itself contains so many nutrients. Cantaloupe fruit known to have minerals and vitamins as well as dietary fiber has many benefits to increase endurance. Of The Journal of Food Science observes that, 100 grams of cantaloupe contains an average of:

    Benefits of blewahVitamin A - 3382IU (sufficient up to 68% of the daily requirement of vitamin A)
    Vitamin C - 36.7 mg (61% meet the daily requirement of vitamin C)
    Mineral Potassium - 267 mg (8% meet daily requirement of potassium)
    Folate - as much as 21 mcg (meet 5% of the daily requirement for folate)
    Magnesium - 12.69 mg
    Manganese - 0.03 mg
    Copper - 0.05 mg
    Zinc - 0.10 mg
    Cobalt - 0,003 mg
    Krom - 0.005 mg

From the contents of the nutritional value, comes the peculiarities of this cantaloupe fruit. Certainly usefulness is so strongly felt to those who consume them regularly. The benefits of cantaloupe fruit, among others:

1. Lose Weight

Cantaloupe able to lose weight, because the fruit contains cantaloupe are low in sugar and calories. It is therefore a good cantaloupe fruit if consumed at a diet program, that is able to maintain a healthy body.

2. Lowering Blood Pressure

The content of potassium, vitamin C and potassium benefits in cantaloupe helps in lowering blood pressure, besides also useful for controlling blood pressure. Even these fruits contain no cholesterol at all. Therefore, cantaloupe is very safe for people who have cholesterol problems and high blood pressure.

3. Lowering Cholesterol

The high vitamin C in the benefits of this cantaloupe fruit can lower the bad cholesterol in the blood to maintain cardiovascular health. Vitamin C is also useful for preventing blood clots and strengthens capillary walls.

4. Prevent Heart Disease

Benefits of cantaloupe which has a high vitamin C, is believed to prevent heart disease. In fact it can maintain the health of the lungs and pembuluhdarah. RDA (Recommended Dietary Allowance) himself advised us that taking beta-carotene, sekitar5-6mg per day to maintain a healthy heart. The content can be perceived by consuming cantaloupe fruit is, on a regular basis so that the heart remains healthy.

5. Prevent Cancer Risk

If less consuming foods that contain nutrients such as beta-carotene, vitamin C and folic acid, it can be risky terkenan uterine cancer. But if eating a cantaloupe, then cancer can be prevented because the fruit cantaloupe has three essential nutrients such.

6. Overcoming Insomnia

Fruit cantaloupe has sedative properties where these properties are very useful for patients with insomnia. The sedative properties as well as sleeping pills. So for patients with insomnia, it is good to eat cantaloupe to be able to counteract the insomnia. In addition, the benefits of chocolate also gives the effect of calmness that will make it easier to sleep.

7. Overcome Maag
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Cantaloupe eating fruit regularly can overcome the lack of appetite and heartburn. Moreover, if presented in the form of juice, then ulcer will more easily overcome because it becomes easier to digest.

8. Maintain Healthy Eyes

The content of vitamin A in the fruit cantaloupe able to maintain eye health is the sense of sight for the body, if consumed regularly. In addition, the benefits of vitamin A is also useful to prevent the effects of free radicals caused by polluted air.

9. Maintain Healthy Skin

The combination of vitamins A and C are found in cantaloupe fruit, the fruit has the ability to maintain an even skin health can prevent premature aging. Moreover, vitamin C is also able to help the synthesis of collagen. As is known, free radicals never stopped attacking our skin. Therefore vitamin A, C, and vitamin E's benefits, is needed as an antidote. Cantaloupe fruit contain all the vitamins anti-radical.

10. Healthy Fetus

Benefits of cantaloupe contains folic acid, which is needed by a healthy fetus. High folate content on this cantaloupe fruit, helping to maintain and produce new cells are very important for pregnant women to the health of the mother and fetal growth.

11. Smooth Digestion

Consuming fruit cantaloupe can aid digestion and is able to maintain urinary tract health including prevention of urinary tract infections. Therefore, cantaloupe fruits contain vitamin A and dietary fiber in the fruit.

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