11 Benefits of Papaya for Health and Disease Drug

Benefits of Papaya
Benefits of Papaya. Papaya Carica papaya bears the scientific name, the type genus of plants that thrive in the tropics. Mexico is estimated to come from the southern and northern parts of the United States, the spread has covered all over the world.
benefits of papaya

Papaya fruit can be consumed to the stomach or treatment because it has a lot of good content to protect the body from various diseases. Soft flesh a lot of help launch his BAB previously stalled, because the fruit is easy to digest.

The content of papaya

People who often eat fruits like papaya much makes her feel much healthier. This is due to the nutritional content of papaya fruit.

Here are nutrients that can be found in papaya fruit chunk of any size.
Vitamin A (Retinol)
Vitamin B complex
Vitamin C
Fat, and

Benefits of Papaya

Nearly 50% of vitamin stored in papaya fruit, so it is impossible not true if the papaya important role in controlling a person's health condition. To find out, you get to know the benefits of papaya for health and traditional medicine from the following explanation.

1. Healthy Skin
Papaya has an active role in the field of beauty and health, one of them to the surface of the skin in terms of moisturizing or brighten and freshen dull skin. This is caused by the content of vitamins A, C and E in fruit papaya.

2. Raise Vital Tool Man
The content of arginine saved enzyme in papaya fruits are capable of in terms of blood flow in the area to boost Mr. P. Argarine boost the production of nitric acid in the body to merileksasikan the muscles around the veins, consequently Mr. P will be higher in a significant time as the number of arginine enzymes that enter the body.

3. Optimizing Digestive Function
It had been explained that the papaya could launch constipation, it is because of the high fiber content in papaya can be absorbed perfectly by the body's digestive system. While antioxidants are able to clean the remaining food in the gut and throw it through the sewer.

4. Minimalize Eye Damage Risk
If you people continue to stare at the screen every day, meet the needs vitamin A in order to stay healthy and fresh eyes. To do that regular consumption of papaya flesh at certain hours, such as after a meal or rest period. Thus the risk of eye damage is getting smaller.

5. Counteract Free Radicals
If the body is free radicals, the skin will bear a variety of problems such as wrinkles. Therefore if you do not want to look old at a young age, diligent eating papaya fruit for antioxidants can counteract free radicals.

6. Drugs Used Bite Serpent
Need treatment as soon as possible if you are bitten by a rattlesnake. Prepare 5 knuckles papaya root, wash with water, smooth the ground, and apply this medication on the skin is bitten. After that wrapped using a rag, replace two meals a day

7. Drug Skin Blisters
Could be due to burning or exposed to exhaust the heat, immediately treat with this herb. Take a papaya fruit peel, squeeze and capacity of the resin. Apply on the skin blisters evenly, set aside a day. If blisters too wide, use mashed papaya pulp to treat it.

8. Fever or Malaria Drugs
Take a piece of lelaya leaves, 1/2 cup mashed up meet. Pour water by 3/4 cup and add salt. Squeeze the papaya leaves, strain the water and drink 3 times a day. You can do this treatment at least 5 consecutive days in a week.

9. Drug To Increase Appetite
You or your child is no appetite? Try taking medication to stimulate the appetite of this. The trick to picking a piece of papaya leaves, wash and mash by hand. Add salt and a little water as much as 1/4 cup, squeeze the leaves. Water is taken until the end.

10. Flu Drugs
Pick two young papaya leaves, crushed, pour the water, thereafter squeezed. Add salt and drinking juice of papaya leaves 2 times daily for dosing children, and four times a day for an adult dose.

11. Drug Toothache
Enough with young papaya leaf sap dripping on the aching tooth using cotton. Repeat until all the killed bacteria and tooth pain subsided.

Thus a brief explanation about the benefits of papaya for health and traditional medicine. You need to remember that this material is written here only additional information is not meant to be the main reference, medical treatment or a substitute for expert advice and medical.

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