9 Benefits of Apple

Benefits of Apple

The benefits of apples. Or Malus domestica apple is a fruit that originally comes from Central Asia, but along with the development of apples is now spread evenly throughout the World. Apple is a fruit that is synonymous with the fruit skin color is red. Almost everyone would already be familiar with the moon shape and taste of the apple itself. Because apples are classified into types of fruit, the apple contains a variety of nutrients and vitamins that are essential to improve the quality of healthcare.
Benefits of Apple
The content of Apples
Here is the content of the nutrients found in apples per 100 grams.
Calories (cal): 58g
Iron: 0,3g
Calcium: 6g
Fat: 04g
Vitamin A: 90g
Vitamin C: 5g
Protein: 03g
Water: 84,1g

Benefits of Apple

Reduce the risk of developing cancer

Benefits of apples one DAPT to prevent some cancers. This is because, the content of which called flavonoids that can be beneficial to counteract various types of cancer that attacks can strike at any time your body.

Maintaining healthy teeth

By eating regularly, apples can stimulate the production of saliva in the mouth. So as to prevent the teeth calcification and can keep your teeth healthy.

prevent dehydration

Apples can be useful to prevent dehydration of the body. 85% content of apples is composed of water. By eating apples, you can avoid dehydration.

Prevent heart attacks and high blood pressure

Apples can be beneficial for preventing heart disease and can lower blood pressure. This is because apples can prevent cholesterol in the body.

Counteract free radicals
In the apple skin can produce a substance called quercetin. Quercetin substance is a substance that serves to counteract free radical attack and can also be used to fight premature aging.

Preventing diarrhea and constipation
Benefits apples can also be to prevent diseases of the digestive system such as diarrhea and constipation. The fiber content in apples are high is able to help the digestive system. So as to overcome digestive system disorders such as diarrhea or constipation.

preventing diabetes

It's because, apple skin contains phenolic compounds. For that suggested, for the first wash with running water, before you eat apples with the skin.

Boost the immune system

The content of antioxidants in apples called quercetin may be helpful to improve the body's immune system, so that a person is not susceptible to illnesses, especially during inclement weather.

Clearer vision

By regularly consuming apple every day can play a major role for preventing a variety of health problems one eye cataracts.
Thus some of the amazing benefits of apples that you should know.

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