How to Make Healthy and Fresh Dragon Fruit Juice

How to make cold drink recipes dragon fruit juice is quite easy. Dragon fruit is also beneficial to support your body's health. Here recipe how to make red dragon fruit juices fresh, cool and healthy. As we know that the dragon fruit have properties and health benefits for your body, thus consuming red dragon fruit regularly can help improve your health. Price dragon fruit is also very cheap, the current price of 1 kg of red fruit that is shaped like a dragon's head is only about five thousand rupiah. Thus eating dragon fruit on a regular basis in addition to relieving thirst can also help improve your health.

Dragon fruit is believed to prevent some dangerous diseases such as: prevent cancer, prevent the onset of diabetes, and other dangerous diseases. Besides, red fruit this one also can help accelerate blood circulation, because it can reduce cholesterol levels in the blood.

Given the number of properties and benefits of dragon fruit, then it would be nice if eating dragon fruit regularly for the whole family. Dragon fruit is also often be found in fruit ice drinks that you often buy at a roadside. Red dragon fruit taste is sour sweet little there, but this fruit has a taste very fresh in cold drinks. So often used for mixed drinks iced fruit. In addition to create a mixture of fruit ice, it turns out when the juice is made no less fresh. Recipe how to make fruit juice is quite simple and easy, so you can also create your own. For the juice with the benefits contained in the red dragon fruit is better.

Materials used to create dragon fruit juice is not a lot, which is important you get a red dragon fruit that is old, so it feels more fresh. To be able to provide good benefits, especially for your health, then make additional dragon fruit juice with honey, milk and a little sugar. Thus when you consume cold dragon fruit juice in addition to freshness also get the health benefits contained in this red fruit flesh.

How to make fresh dragon fruit juice

Necessary materials

  • Provide 2 red dragon fruit is quite old.
  • Please also provide approximately sugar 4 tablespoons.
  • If you have a supply of honey, please use at least 1 tablespoon.
  • Let more favors can also with additional sweetened condensed milk white color.
  • Boiled water taste.
  • And do not forget the ice cubes, can grab from the refrigerator only.

An easy way to make red dragon fruit juice
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Dragon Fruit Juice

  • The first peeled peeling red dragon fruit like pineapple. Keep your criticism fairly clean, peel back a bit thick also allowed to be.
  • Then cut them into pieces in order to more easily incorporated in a blender.
  • After all the red meat dragon fruit into the blender, now begin to slowly round. To make it easier to add a little boiled water.
  • In trying the result should not be too soft.
  • Next enter the sweetened condensed milk, honey, and sugar. Then stir briefly and finished.
  • Enter in a glass and ready to serve.
  • Well quite made it easy to make a red dragon fruit juice which is fresh drink recipes. Red dragon fruit juice drink in addition to a refreshing cool you also get a variety of benefits and efficacy of red dragon fruit.

Now mother and sis and gentlemen, what is the benefit of red dragon fruit besides useful for cold drinks. Red dragon fruit juice beverages also beneficial for health as well as the ice so in order to help cool the digestion. Consuming red dragon fruit (dragon fruit juice) is believed to prevent some kinds of dangerous diseases, such as:

  • Dragon fruit contains a lot of calcium and phosphorus that is useful to strengthen your bone tissue, thus also preventing bone disease (osteoporosis).
  • Flesh dragon fruit was also rich in vitamin C, thereby helping maintain resilience in the body. As we know that vitamin C is one of the most important vitamins for the body's health.
  • According to health experts also contains antioxidant compounds found in meat dragon fruit, dragon fruit thus can also inhibit or prevent the onset of cancer.
  • Well for those who frequent constipation or difficult bowel movements are advised to frequently consume red dragon fruit because it has fiber content is high enough.
  • Vitamin B3 is also owned by the red fruit of this one, so it can help eliminate the buildup of cholesterol in your body. Read More at 31 Dragon Fruits for health benefits

Well it turns red dragon fruit is quite a lot of benefits, let's get used to eating red dragon fruit regularly. May be useful

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