7 Contoh Discussion Text About Final Examination dan Artinya

Kali ini admin akan meberikan 7 Contoh Discussion Text About Final Examination dan Artinya~ Ujian nasional sudah menjadi kontroveris sejak peraturan tersebut di keluarkan. Banyak orang berpendapat UN (ujian nasional) tidak lah begitu tepat untuk mengukur ke lulusan siswa. Mereka berpendapat bahwa kelulusan siswa belajar selama 3-6 tahun bukan lah ditentukan oleh 3 hari ujian. Hal tersebut pun menjadi sebuah perdebatan yang banyak didiskusikan.
7 Contoh Discussion Text About Final Examination dan Artinya

Pada kesempatan kali ini, Media Belajar Bahasa Inggris mencoba menghadirkan sebuah contoh discussion text tentang “National Exam”. Semoga dari contoh discussion text berikut, sobat sekalian dapat semakin memahami apa itu discussion text dan bagaimana cara membuatnya. Semoga bermanfaat. Check this out!!!

National Exam: Pro and Contra?

National exam becomes the hot topic in most of discussions among students, teachers, and parents. Some people believe that national exam is not necessary for students as a requirement to be able graduate from a school. In other hand, other people see national exam as an important indicator to know whether students have mastered all school materials or not. The debate among society about national examination goes on until now.

For people who agree, national exam is necessary for students as a requirement to graduate from a school. People who support the national exam explain that the quality of the Indonesia education will drop without the national exam, so they try to defend the current system. They also think that national examination can motivate students to study harder.

However there are people who disagree with the opinion. Those who against this national exam kept in school education say that it doesn't need the national exams because the quality of education does not just depend on the national exam. Further, the national exam only measures a small portion of students' competence in specific subjects, and does not measure students' competences throughout the semester.

In conclusion, national examination can still be useful as an instrument to evaluate or detect the level of students' cognitive competence in several subjects, on a national scale. However, it is not fair if only national exam score that judge whether students pass or not. Government should make a regulation that national exam is not the only requirement for students to graduate. There should be other requirements added such as students’ daily score, behavior, and achievement.

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